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Sch Yr 2019-2020 Class Workbooks & Stationery

Please read the Teachers note carefully. Workbooks can be ordered by the 31st of July 2019 from stationeries around Xaghra.

Statemented students who do not follow the class, please do not buy any workbooks. Only the stationery.

Foreign students choose the English version of the note. Please DO NOT BUY any Religion and Social Studies Maltese Version. Ask if there is available the English Version.

School Transport

Nixtieq ninfurmak li għas-sena skolastika 2018/19 ser jiġi organizzat trasport b’xejn għall l-iskola tax-Xagħra għall-istudenti li għandhom distanza ta’ iktar min kilometru bogħod mill l-iskola.

We would like to inform you that the coming scholastic year 2018/2019, free transport to GC Xaghra primary school is going to be organised for students who have distance of more that 1 kilometre to school.


Follow this link to check pickup points


Follow this link to apply for Transport–Formola-tal-Applikazzjoni-g%C4%A7al-Trasport-tal-Iskola-b%27xejn.aspx


Għall aktar mistoqsijiet tistgħu iċemplu fuq in-numru 25988437

If you have any other questions please phone on 2598 8437

2017-2018 Carnival and other activities

Those who wish to order, please fill in Photos Order form or pick one from school and send it with the money to school by  Friday 15th June 2018.  Same photos are shown as a powerpoint in the school hall as from Monday 11th June till Friday 15th June between 9.00am – 12.15pm.    Thanks